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  SAP Security and GRC

What is SAP Business Objects GRC?

What is SAP® BusinessObjects
GRC Access Control?

SAP GRC Process Control

SAP® BusinessObjects GRC Enterprise Risk Management




Inlink International Inc has recently partnered with some of the worlds leading software companies in the industry which mainly focus on SAP. Our commitment to this industry is currently bringing you the innovative yet practical solutions such as Invoice Cockpit, Web Cycle and ValiData BW. These solutions combine real-world business expertise with world-class business technologies designed to extend and enhance the performance of your SAP system.

Our Strategic NetSourcing Services

To Remain Competitive in today’s dynamic markets, Fortune 500 Companies need ever to focus on their core competencies. Even mature SAP environments are becoming increasingly difficult to manage, and expensive to operate. Moreover, the speed of technology innovation places increasing demands on the upgrading of information systems and the best practice for the deploying them. To address these challenge, Netsourcing is rapidly emerging as one of the leading strategic tools for business transformation. By hosting, managing and Operating their SAP Application and the related IT infrastructure, INLINK INERNATIONAL INC. helps organization shifts from being technology managers to technology users


SAP service


Our focus is on SAP Products and Solutions to help you gain a stronger use of your SAP

SAP Products


Invoice Cockpit for SAP
WebCycle for SAP
ValiData BW for SAP



Services fortune 500 customers, Like IBM, SAP America, BMW & many more



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