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  SAP Security and GRC

What is SAP Business Objects GRC?

What is SAP® BusinessObjects
GRC Access Control?

SAP GRC Process Control

SAP® BusinessObjects GRC Enterprise Risk Management






Rapid, On-schedule Implementations
We at Inlink, detail and analyze your business processes, develop a realistic project management plan and implement the applications based on your requirements. We deliver solutions utilizing our efficient implementation methodology. The outcome is we can help you accelerate implementation phases, effectively utilize resources and decrease risks associated with new technologies as well as deliver on-time, on-budget implementation results, and give you the ability to leverage your existing staff. We can also provide maintenance support once the implementation is completed.

Upgrades, Enhancements and Maintenance

Cost-effective Upgrades

Impact of the overall reliability, accessibility, scalability and effectiveness of your SAP application environment depends on how you upgrade and apply enhancements. So to help you keep pace with SAP application changes and enhancements, our experienced professionals can plan and implement your SAP module extensions and upgrades.
Our upgrade services ensures that your upgrade is completed on-schedule, while saving upgrade costs and freeing your resources to focus on core requirements. Our services give you all the necessary tools, methodology, and skilled professionals to take advantage of new enhancements and business process improvements.

Application Development/Enhancement

The functional extensions and major enhancements are made to extend functionality beyond core. The development of new forms and queries are done. The Interface are built with legacy and other applications. The customization facility of interfaces between web and SAP are also provided.

Application Maintenance

The code optimization with respect to response time, memory utilization and CPU consumption are made. The corrective maintenance including bug fixes, patches and upgrades are done with utmost care. The minor enhancements of existence forms and queries are also provided.

SAP Reports
We at Inlink provide a turnkey delivery of custom reports in all the SAP modules. There is an extensive library of pre-packed reports. The reports have the web-enabling capabilities.

Sap System Hosting

  • SAP R/3 system & IT infrastructure hosting
  • System administration
  • Hardware support
  • Software support
  • Wide area network administration
  • Telecommunication and other related Service
  • Security

SAP Services



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